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30 Years Experience Delivering the Vehicle You Really Want, At the Best Price Possible




“Dear Larry,

Thank you so much for my new vehicle! Your service was complete and outstanding and the whole transaction went utterly smoothly.”

— Dr. Miller

Laguna Niguel, California


• It’s All About You…

This has been the Harrison philosophy since the very beginning. This may be the first time you actually make a purchase like this on your terms, not on a dealer’s terms. It’s been the family business for over 30 years and through three generations!



• How Can We Do This?

Through our extensive dealer contacts, our relationships with individual fleet managers and our streamlined buying process. We’ve been doing business with some of the largest, most established dealers in the Western United States. Many of these business relationships go back three generations! When you buy 30 to 40 vehicles a year from a single source, you have clout.



• Don’t Know What You Want?

Let us help! Because we don’t represent just one make or brand, we can provide you with solid, unbiased information on any make and model on the market today. We are, after all, true auto aficionados… we love cars. We can help you sort through all the hype and help you decide on just the right vehicle for you.




“Dear Larry,

Thank you so much for my used Chrysler Town and Country. I just had a vehicle inspection done on the car and the guys there were amazed at how clean and perfect it was!”

— Betty Hawkins

Southern California




• A Note About Our Ethics…

Larry has been aptly named the “Christian Car Counselor” by a national syndicated radio host for one simple reason: he has transformed an industry service model often known for unethical and shady practices into a completely above-board, solid consumer experience. Our integrity and wisdom have become the benchmarks in the automotive world.


• Everyone is family in the Harrison’s eyes

We love people and we love what we do!


• We are honest…

Honest to a fault. Our process is completely transparent; every detail of the purchase process is open to you.


• We are fair…

And we strive to do what’s right in every situation and go the extra mile (and more!) to insure our clients are satisfied.



“You rock! It’s been an absolute pleasure getting my new car with your help. The whole thing was very pleasant and very convenient.”

— Maria Saunders 

Southern California


• Integrity

It’s who we are at the core.



• Knowledge and wisdom

Larry is recognized for his knowledge in the automotive field, regular guesting on syndicated radio, a well known speaker as well as a published author. He has even counseled the California State House of Representatives on consumer matters in the automotive field.



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“Our family has a passion for people and cars. Our number one priority is to serve you, our client and treat you like family. Many of our clients are second & third generation children of our original clients.”



We love what we do!

— Larry Harrison